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Get the bad child out… of your head!
Online Challenge lasts: 20:45
The main cause of poor child behavior.

What happens to a child when he does not obey.

How bad behavior affects a child's future.

How to respond to bad behavior and learn to negotiate with a child.
The task:
Take a piece of paper and list all those situations when it is especially difficult for a child or when he behaves badly. Try to ensure that these are actual situations, from which literally "corn in the tongue".

Now, for each situation from the list, come up with an explanation as clear as possible for the child's age, why this is bad or wrong. You can come up with not only an explanation, but also a practical example, if possible. As well as tips on how to quickly recall this, if you see that the child intends to do something out of the agreed bad. For each situation, come up with an alternative - this is either impossible or bad, but this is possible or good.

Within a week, practice your workpieces from the list. At the end of the week, analyze if your child's "bad" behavior has changed.
From the lesson you will learn why the child may not obey you, and also that such behavior can often be considered normal. You will also understand how to find an approach to the child so that there are fewer conflict situations.
In order for us to improve our activities, as well as plan further cooperation with you, we need to know your opinion on the results of the challenge. Please fill out this questionnaire as detailed as possible (LINK). Thank you!
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